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Over the past 20 years we've refined our detailing knowledge and professional polish shop services to provide a high quality, no frill experience. Whole package options alongside add-on services provide the freedom to tailor your vehicle's detailing service. From scheduled routine cleaning visits - to making a beloved faded vehicle shine again, we're great at providing just what vehicles need.


Learn more below or call to discover a higher standard of detailing.


In partnership with Auto Trim DESIGN® we also offer 3M Scotchgard™ Pro Series Paint Protection film application. Paint protection film consists of an optically clear, urethane film with an overall thickness of 8 mils. It's uniquely designed to protect a vehicle's most vulnerable leading edge areas from paint-etching bug acids, stone chips, scratches & nicks as well as winter road salt & sand. Some benefits of 3M Scotchgard™ Pro Series Paint Protection film include:

  • Virtually invisible film that does not alter color or design features of vehicles

  • Protects vulnerable painted areas from scratches, chips and stains

  • Self-healing technology allows minor scratches to disappear

  • Backed by a factory Ten (10) Year Warranty

  • Exceptional clarity with superior resistance to yellowing

  • Low orange peel provides optimal clarity, maintaining original surface appearance

  • Flexible film allows more efficient application by 3M Certified Installers

  • Tough, durable and maintenance free

  • Enhanced adhesive and clear coat performance ensure durable protection


Common areas protected with Paint Protection film:

  • Front Bumpers

  • Factory Painted Grille Surrounds

  • Headlights

  • Fenders

  • Hoods - Partial or Full

  • Side Mirrors

  • A-Pillar and Roof Edges

  • Rocker areas

  • Door Sills

  • Door Edges

  • Door Handles and Pockets

  • Rear Bumper Tops

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV's - The Advantage is Clear.    Call to Protect your vehicle Today!


Common Services Requested with Paint Protection Film

At the Car Wash
Car Rims
Parked Car
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