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Over the past 20 years we've refined our detailing knowledge and professional polish shop services to provide a high quality, no frill experience. Whole package options alongside add-on services provide the freedom to tailor your vehicle's detailing service. From scheduled routine cleaning visits - to making a beloved faded vehicle shine again, we're great at providing just what vehicles need.


Learn more below or call to discover a higher standard of detailing.

Car Interior


Free your vehicle from road dirt & grime that can build up over time. Our thorough undercarriage cleaning process reduces the effect of corrosive chemicals used on Winter roadways.

Living in a northern state, we are all too familiar with the practice of salting and brining roads in preparation of winter storms and after Mother Nature has covered the roads with her blanket of snow. Even a dusting of snow leaves our vehicles covered with a blotted mess of white salt residue. Left unattended, the residue, combined with moisture from roads or atmosphere, will start to damage vehicle undercarriage and exposed parts.


Fact is, Salt + Moisture = CORROSION

Thus, corrosion can and will occur anytime salt and moisture are present. Snow, rain and humidity creates an environment for corrosion to occur. While nothing prevents corrosion from beginning, our goal with Salt Defense™ undercarriage wash solution is to minimize and slow the process.

Salt Defense™ is formulated to successfully neutralize salt and brine that ordinary soaps and chemicals will not penetrate.

We recommend using Salt Defense™ after every winter storm or thawing period when the roads are wet. Salt Defense™ is especially recommended as a final wash and rinse step prior to Spring.

Cost: $69.95 Undercarriage Wash with Salt Defense™. Cost estimates required for vehicles larger than Full Size SUV's.


Want to custom tailor your vehicles experience? Mix-&-Match any of our various À la carte services to fit your vehicles needs. Ask one of our associates what your vehicle might require to protect your investment and keep that "showroom shine".

Badge Removal
Carpet Replacement
Carpet & Vinyl Dye
Convertible Top Care
Door Edge Guards
Engine Bay Cleaning
Funky Odor Eliminator
Glass Chip/Scratch Repair
Headlight Restoration
Headlight Protection
Leather Conditioning
Overspray Removal
Paintless Dent Repair
Pet Hair Removal
Rock Chip Repair
Spot Cleaning
Undercarriage Cleaning
Wheel Paint & Repair
Classic Car


Want to give your car, truck or SUV a more sleek appearance? Consider removing your vehicles emblems and badges. Removing your vehicles badges and emblems can:


  • Make washing your vehicle more simple

  • Reduce dirt and road grime build-up that collects around the various letters and badges

  • Give your vehicle a more sleek and "clean" appearance

Ask about emblem & badge removal at your next vehicle detailing appointment.

Cost: $95 per hour; $47.50 minimum. Buffing/Polishing may be required at additional cost.

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